Integrated Pest Management

Here at aaie, a person will be able to learn all of the important methods of pest control and how to stop insects and other animals from invading personal space. Much of the pest control services that are designed to reduce unwanted intruders are based on the particular location that is being protected and many of the techniques are related to the type of space. In particular, three main areas that need to be addressed are houses, gardens, and farms and the intruders that may come into any of these three spaces. The pest control services may be different for each setting, but they should all pay attention to their environmental impact and damage that they may cause to the ecology of the space as well as form a complete integrated pest management plan.

For home concerns, the most common intruders are insects and small rodents. For rodent pest control, aaie informs about the best environmental options are humane traps that will allow for easy removal of the rodents. In addition, there are specially designed devices for rodent pest control that use sonic waves to keep the animals away. For insects, such as roaches, ants or termites, there are natural products that will repel the creatures away from the house. Many of these feature ingredients like citrus extracts that have been proven to effectively stop the intruders from coming into the home. Pest control companies could use insecticides and poisons that are highly toxic and a consumer should be aware of what products the services will use prior to contracting them.

In a garden scenario, the products that are used in the integrated pest management can be somewhat stronger. This is because there will be less human interaction and less of a chance for accidental poisoning. However, it should be stated that some insecticides and other chemicals can be detrimental to the quality of the soil and can result in lower garden yields if used over a period of time. One possible solution aaie found useful is to use a plant wash that will prevent insect problems with plants while at the same time maintaining the health of the plants and soil. These formulations use natural ingredients, such as amino acids and organic alcohol, that are safe for garden use.

For a farm, a larger scale solution for integrated pest management will be needed. As recommended at aaie, an integrated pest management plan should begin with a careful consideration of environmentally friendly answers to common intruder issues. There are pest control companies that provide consultation as well as implementation services and these may be a good decision for a person that has a large farm area. Instead of using pesticides, these companies may advise that introducing a natural predator species may be a better integrated pest management solution. Remember to check listings of environmentally friendly companies online for feedback, Enjoy aaie .

November 2018