Get Rid Of Ants

The kitchen is ready furnished and decorated exactly as you planned it and then you see ants in the house. Even if you do not want to use chemicals to get rid of ants and cannot afford the services of a trained exterminator, there are few natural alternatives to remove the family of ants.

First of all you have to keep all surfaces and corners of the kitchen very clean in order to achieve a successful ant control process. Ants need water and food to survive inside the house. Remove all traces of food, all crumbs from the counter, table and floor. Make sure the honey, sugar and cereals are stored in tightly closed containers. Do not let water droplets to collect on the sink or anywhere else. Dry dog or cat food is another attraction for ants, so do not leave them uncovered overnight. Do not keep garbage for too long in the house also, as this is another feast for ants.

An absolute safe and natural solution for ants to be cleaned away is a mix of water and vinegar in equal quantities. You should clean the kitchen surfaces daily with this mix to keep them away. This will destroy the scent path and prevent the ants to return. The method will work after some time, during which your kitchen will smell a little like vinegar, but it is worth it.

Search the cabinets and drawers where you keep the spices and condiments. Sprinkle the places where you see ants with strong aromas of cinnamon, chilli, garlic or bay leaves. They will remove the smell and will reject the ants. Also, you can use lemon juice, slices of cucumber and mint tea bags.

If by any chance you have spotted some winged ants you must kill them at once because these are the queen ants in search for a new nest. You can also build a trap, using water and sugar. Boil together one cup of sugar and two cups of water. After cooling, pour a tablespoon of boric acid and mix it well. The substance works best for the ant’s nest and slowly diminishes it.

October 2018