What Are Insecticides

Whether we like it or not, pest are part of our lives and somehow we have to deal with them. Fortunately, there are multiple solutions for this problem and one of the best is the use of pesticides and insecticides. These can be chemical substances, biological substances, disinfectants or different types of devices.

But what is insecticide?
Insecticides are substances (pesticides) which are used to destroy insects. Insecticides also destroy the insects’ eggs and larvae. These are called ovicides and larvicides. Insecticides are also used for preventing the invasion of insects, not only for their extermination. Some insecticides are toxic for humans, but some of them are not. Depending on how they work, there are different types of insecticides.

Organic insecticides are the most used type of insecticides used today. They are synthetic chemicals.

Inorganic insecticides include metal in their composition. Some of the metals used are copper, arsenates and most commonly sulfur. Natural insecticides are insecticides produced naturally by plants to keep away the pest. The most well known are nicotine, neem and pyrethrum extracts. Systemic insecticides kill insects who eat the treated plant. They are very important for the pest control. Contact insecticides work by killing the insect when it has direct contact with the pesticide used. It is usually applied in form of aerosols.

It is very important to have a good equilibrium between the needs of agriculture and the environment problems, but also the health should be considered when used this kind of substances. The use of insecticide has advantages, but also disadvantages, so one should have all the information about insecticides before using them.

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October 2018