Natural Pest Control

Everywhere around us, there are many parasites that we do not see such as mites that sometimes do harmful things to our health. Many things around the house like carpets and most frequent, kitchen counters and many other places in the kitchen are a very high beloved place for pests to kick in. The market nowadays is ready to provide us a lot of chemical substances that kill most of the pests we deal with every single day, but not all or actually few of them are really only harming the tiny invaders and they end up meddling in our lives and sometimes will do more harm than good to our health. There are some natural pest control methods to get rid of ants or dust mites instead of using those pesticides with so many substances that might harm us.

The most natural ways to get rid of ants that invade our kitchen are very cheap and quite easy to follow. One of the methods is by spraying the ants with some water with a little bit of soap in it. The acid from the soap will slowly poison them and will banish them. Another great way to exterminate the ants is using some mint tea bags or even fresh mint if you have some and place them in the spots where the ants are invading the area. Also, for a lasting effect on their multiplying you should spray some diatomaceous earth on their nests.

Some other pest that we are sometimes scared about but do not know what leads to their extermination because we do not actually see it is the dust mite. Dust mites are everywhere and for some reason, most of us do not have any problems with them, but there are many people that have discovered allergenic situations on dust and dust mites. The easiest ways to remove dust mites are constantly vacuuming pillows and sheets and also when you wash the beddings do this on high temperatures of over 50 degrees Celsius or 130 Fahrenheit. Also be aware of the fact that humidity and warmth are their best and beloved environments.

October 2018