Safe Pest Control

When the hot season is approaching, all kind of insects start invading our homes such as ants, mosquitoes, moths and cockroaches. If you want to exterminate them in a safe way and avoid the chemicals in the pesticides on the market and also do not want a pest exterminator to solve your problem, you can try some safe natural ways to cast them away.

In the room’s corners or the places in the kitchen where you see ants coming all over sprinkle some salt or lemon juice. Also you can use baking soda, cucumber slices or coffee beans. The results will appear slowly at first but the measure is 100% natural and safe. Ants are also easily banished by the smell of fresh tomato leaves so you can place some of these leaves on their discovered routes.

For mosquitoes, besides all the tablets and chemical sprays that you can find in any store, you can use some safe and natural products such as fumigation. If you burn some walnut leaves the smoke will surely banish them away. Another guaranteed method to stop mosquitoes from coming in is burning some scented sticks. Another simple way is the clove oil as you need just a few drops from now and then in a small recipient near windows.

Cockroaches are one of the hardest pests to get rid of as they are among the most resistant insects. Some of the well known safe remedies to cast them away is by using bouquets of bay leaves which you can hang somewhere in the kitchen. Another solution is using boric acid, a white powder, which you will easily find at any drug store. You can soak some pieces of bread in a solution made of water and this acid and place them in the kitchen. It is like a natural poison for them.

October 2018